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ZLY250-14- VII Jzq

ZLY250-14- VII
ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox The Durability Steel gear reducer is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. It is suitable for high-speed shaft speed not greater than 1500 rpm, gear transmission peripheral speed not greater than 20 m/s, working environment The temperature is -40℃-45℃. The gears of the hard tooth surface reducer are made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel through carburizing and quenching, and the tooth surface has high hardness. The gears are all processed by numerical control gear grinding, which has high precision, good contact, high transmission efficiency, stable operation and low noise. ; Small size, light weight, long service life, high bearing capacity; easy to dismantle and inspect, easy to install. 1. The center distance, center height and transmission ratio all adopt the priority number of the priority number system. 2. The gear parameters and structure are optimized by computer. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox 3. The gears are made of high-quality high-strength low-carbon alloy steel through carburizing and quenching. The tooth surface has high hardness, and the gear precision reaches the international standard level 6. 4. The transmission efficiency is high, the noise is low, and the carrying capacity reaches the world advanced level in the 1990s. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox 1. The speed of the high-speed shaft is not more than 1500 rpm; 2. The peripheral speed of gear transmission is not more than 20 m/s; 3. The working environment temperature is -40℃-45℃. If it is lower than 0℃, the lubricating oil should be preheated to above 0℃ before starting. Durability Steel gear reducers are widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other fields. The hard tooth surface reducer is a power transmission mechanism, which uses the speed converter of the gear to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions, and obtains a larger torque device. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox As an essential component of transmission products such as screw lifts, the Durability Steel gear reducer plays an important role in the entire transmission system. However, if a Durability Steel gear reducer whose hardness fails to meet the requirements is purchased during the purchase process, or if the service cycle is too long, or is overloaded, the wear of the Durability Steel gear will be accelerated, thereby affecting the normal operation of the transmission system. run. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox One: The main manifestations of failure after long-term use: Vibration and noise increase during use. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the components inside the chassis are too worn or damaged. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox Two: parts that may be damaged: gear tooth surface wear, gear tooth breakage, gear shaft hole or keyway wear; screw hole at bearing hole is easy to fail due to wear; shaft surface and keyway are also easy to be used for too long. resulting in wear. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox Three: Repair method: This repair method is not all maintenance offices have the technical strength to repair according to this method, but if it is a large equipment, it is possible to find a repair point to repair the parts, which will greatly save the overall cost of the enterprise. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox 01: If it is due to the wear of the shaft hole keyway of the hard tooth surface reducer, the original accuracy of the parts can be restored by electroplating. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox 02: If the gear teeth of the Durability Steel reducer are broken, etc., only new parts can be reprocessed. In order to ensure the service life of the Durability Steel reducer, friends must choose the right type when purchasing the Durability Steel reducer, ensure the safety factor of the Durability Steel reducer, and operate in strict accordance with the instructions to give full play to the Durability Steel reducer. maximum effect. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox In order to adapt to the fierce market competition and better serve the domestic metal products industry, the design of the transmission system of the wire drawing machine is also changing to the transmission form of hard-toothed gears. The combination of the combined belt and the special hard-tooth surface reduction box for the wire drawing machine adopts the standard reducer suitable for the overall structure of the wire drawing machine, and effectively combines the reducer with the installation box, the main shaft, the reel, etc. to form a set of The transmission system of the wire drawing machine with the hard tooth surface gear as the main transmission form. Compared with the secondary enveloping worm gear pair, the standard Durability Steel gear reducer has the following advantages: 1. High transmission efficiency and strong bearing capacity; 2. Flexible ratio and convenient combination; 3. Easy installation; 4. Reasonable cost 5. Modular design can be realized; 6. Trend and so on. The hard-tooth surface reducer adopts helical gear transmission, the efficiency is 0.95--0.98 in closed meshing, the theoretical maximum transmission power "50000kw; speed v/(m/s) < =130; for the secondary enveloping worm gear, In the case of high machining accuracy and good lubrication, the maximum transmission efficiency can only reach 0.95, but in the general worm drive, its efficiency generally ranges from 0.70 to 0.92. Due to the limitation of heat generation, the maximum transfer power Pi(kw)=750, but usually < 50 kw. High-speed and large-scale wire drawing machines have become the mainstream of the market. Among them, high-power motors are widely used in large-scale wire drawing machines. The use of hard-tooth surface gear transmission with high transmission efficiency will bring good economic benefits to users. , there are good market expectations. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox There is a proportional relationship between the gear ratio and the power delivered, but a larger gear ratio means a greater center-to-center distance between the gears. The characteristics of large-scale wire drawing machines are that the drawing wire diameter is thick, the drawing force is large, and the required drawing power is large, which causes the box to be too large. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox In the case of the same transmission ratio, the use of gear transmission can appropriately increase the number of transmission stages to achieve the expected speed ratio, but the worm gear is affected by its installation form (the worm gear can only be installed horizontally due to the lubrication conditions). Only a huge box structure can be used. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox Whether it is a hard tooth surface reducer or a secondary enveloping worm gear pair, in addition to advanced and reasonable design, high-precision manufacturing, assembly, and comprehensive performance testing, correct assembly is the most important thing to ensure long life and safe and reliable operation of the gearbox. link [[2]. As far as the situation is concerned, the installation of the secondary enveloping worm gear pair mainly depends on the assembly personnel of our factory to assemble it into the box designed by the designer. The meshing quality of the worm gear and worm is mainly determined by the experience and quality of the assembly personnel, which affects the service life of the worm gear. The human factor is more prominent. There is no problem of gear assembly when the hard-tooth surface reducer is used. The main consideration for installation lies in the design stage, such as: how to center and position, how to prevent the interference of the oil pump and oil pipe, how to ensure the installation size of the frame, etc., basically as usual components can be installed. In terms of installation convenience, Durability Steel gear reducers have unparalleled advantages. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox The cost of a product is affected by a variety of factors, including: manufacturing costs, the price of purchased parts, sales costs, and after-sales service costs. However, the design and manufacturing costs account for a considerable proportion, which is beyond doubt [3]. How to optimize product design and reduce manufacturing cost is an important consideration in improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Taking a certain type of linear wire drawing machine as an example, the purchase price of a secondary enveloping worm gear pair with a transmission power of 37Kw is about 14,000 yuan (excluding the reduction box), and the price of the same reducer is about 12,000 yuan. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox Since the worm gear of the worm gear reducer is made of tin bronze, it is foreseeable that with the increase in the price of non-ferrous metals at home and abroad, the price paid by the worm gear will definitely increase accordingly. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox Modular design has gradually become a mainstream design mode, and its advantage lies in the use of some professionally produced products on its own products to improve product quality. Modular design is to combine some elements of the product to form a subsystem with specific functions, and use this subsystem as a general module to combine with other product elements to form a new system, resulting in a variety of Several series of products with different functions or the same function and different performance. For standard Durability Steel gear reducers, within a certain speed ratio, the installation size is the same, and in the case of different speed ratios, on the same reel specification, by increasing or decreasing the number of reels or adjusting the deceleration Machine speed ratio to meet the different technological needs of users. In this way, the mature technology of the reducer manufacturer can be used, and the user's needs can be met in a shorter production cycle, which is particularly effective in shortening the design and production cycle. With the development of technology and the application of computers, the calculation of gear tooth profile is becoming more and more accurate, and the development of world transmission technology tends to use hard tooth surfaces. According to statistics, due to the adoption of the hard tooth surface reducer, the light weight, miniaturization and quality performance of the machine are greatly promoted, and the working speed of the machine is increased by one level. In the future, gears are developing in the direction of heavy load, high speed, high precision and high efficiency, and strive to be small in size, light in weight, long in life and economical and reliable. Heavy load is consistent with the trend of wire drawing machines to large diameter wires, and high speed can increase the unit capacity of the wire drawing machine, which is also in line with the development trend of linear wire drawing machines. ZSY ZLY ZDY ZFY Gearbox The overall technical level and equipment level of the domestic metal products industry is still far behind that of industrialized countries, and it is still relatively backward in terms of wire drawing machine mainframe, auxiliary equipment, lubrication technology, wire rod production, and wire drawing die quality. Facing the actual situation of my country's metal products industry, it is unrealistic and undesirable to simply pursue advanced large-scale and high-speed wire drawing machines; for the designers and manufacturers of wire drawing machines, the focus of work should be on design, Manufacture of wire drawing machines with reliable operation, simple operation and maintenance, and high production efficiency.
More Information
Model Series ZLY
Mounting Position VII
Gear Type Helical Gear
Low Speed Side Solid shaft with parallel key
Application Cases Rolling mill machinery etc.
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Brand Sogears

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